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Chaplin Ian Kevin

  • Beosztás:Mesteroktató
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  • Iroda:A1408

Szervezeti egység

Építészmérnöki Intézet - Szimulációs Design Tanszék

Educated Subjects / Oktatott tárgyak:

  • - Energy Efficiency and Ecological Architecture (MSc, English)
  • - Complex Design I. (MSc Studio, English)
  • - Complex Specialization Architecture (MSc Studio, English)
  • - Architectural Design III. (BSc, English)
  • Introduction / Bemutatkozás

    Ian is a creative thinker, with a passion for academic architecture that can support social innovation. For that reason he started WeCare architecture in Hungary where he works as creative director on a variety of research and design projects. Since 2022 he joined Ybl Miklós Faculty of Architecture as expert teacher delivering lectures on sustainability and giving studio classes.

    Work experience

    2018- creative director, WeCare architecture, Hungary
    2019- Initiator, Dementia friendly environment Hungary, Hungary
    2018. project architect, Plant Atelier Peter Kis, Hungary
    2017. research assistant, National University of Singapore, Singapore
    2016. architectural designer, URBNarc, Singapore
    2015. organizer, Night of the philosophy, The Netherlands
    2014. participant, Hello Wood Workshop, Hungary
    2009. assistant architect, Moederscheimmoonen architects, The Netherlands
    2007-2008. assistant foreman, TBI-Korteweg Bouw, The Netherlands

    Academic history

    2016 MSc. Architecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands
    2011 Bsc. Build Environment, Avans Hogeschool, The Netherlands

    Publications (participation in)

    2020 Építészfórum, Interview with WeCare
    2018 Journal Paper: Sustainability, Design Optimization of Productive Façades: Integrating Photovoltaic and Farming Systems at the Tropical Technologies Laboratory (National University of Singapore)
    2018 Conference Paper: CAADRIA (Beijing), Simulation algorithm for the integration of solar and farming systems on tropical façades (National University of Singapore)
    2017 Conference Paper: Solar World Congress (Abu Dhabi), Assessment of Solar and Farming Systems Integration on Tropical Building Facades (National University of Singapore)

    Organizational activities

    2019 International conference, Dementia-friendly environment?!, in collab with KÉK, Budapest, Hungary
    2015 International Public debate, Night of the philosophy - subjective aesthetics?, in collab with ARGUS, Delft, The Netherlands
    2015 Workshop, Haas & Hahn, Favela Painters, as part of the (in)equality working group, Delft, The Netherlands

    Public lectures & Workshops

    2019 Present & future of Hungarian architecture, Fuga, Budapest, Hungary
    2019 Dementia-friendly environments, lecture + workshop, International Gerontology Days, Prague