Projekt tervezési terület (en)


What is TDK? (Hungarian abbreviation: TDK)

Students participating in the Students’ Scientific Association of their institution carry out research work and develop their knowledge in a given topic with the help of their supervisors. Detailed entries (projects) are presented to an expert jury at the institution, who give feedback and evaluate the work. Conferences are open, so any student or instructor can attend and ask questions. The best projects may receive a reward and a recommendation for participation in the National Students’ Scientific Association (OTDK).

The National Students’ Scientific Association (OTDK) is held in the spring of each odd year (most recently: 35.OTDK 2021). Its participants are the best TDK entries of the institutions. Submissions are divided into 16 categories and additional subcategories. The aim of the classification is to learn about similar topics and to develop further information and viewpoints.

Council of the National Students’ Scientific Association (OTDT)

The activities of the Council of the National Students’ Scientific Association (OTDT) are prescribed by law, according to which: the organization is responsible for coordinating scientific student activities and organizing national scientific and artistic student forums, and its operation is determined by its own organizational and operational regulations (SZMSZ) (Act CCIV of 2011 on National Higher Education, Section 63 (4)).

OTDT members are the presidents of the scientific sections (four-year mandate), the student representatives of the current organizing institutions (two-year mandate) and the members of the Bureau (five-year mandate).

Short history

The first scientific student conferences were held in the academic year 1950/1951 at Eötvös Loránd University and the Veszprém Chemical University. In the following years, more and more schools followed this form of talent nurturing, and in 1955 the first "National Conference of Students’ Scientific Association" was organized with 109 lectures. Thanks to its expansion and popularity, the Council of the National Students’ Scientific Association (OTDT) was founded in 1973, and prof. Dr. Péter Szendrő has been its President since 1987. Since 2003, due to the large volume of entries, they have been classified and evaluated in 16 main categories.

It's worth paying attention to this

The content and form criteria of the TDK and OTDK may differ on a number of points, so students should take into account the system of requirements of the OTDK (relevant to the particular category) and prepare the TDK entry accordingly. The conference must be registered in advance as follows:

The application data of the authors belonging to the thesis and the content extract must be recorded in the faculty electronic TDK system, and after finalization, the consultant must also be allowed to apply in the faculty TDK system.

Worth the work invested

Through the scientific student group you can broaden your knowledge beyond the mandatory curriculum. During the research work involved you will have the opportunity to get to know each other personally and to ask for professional help from your instructors and other professionals. Your communication and presentation skills will improve.