Projekt tervezési terület (en)


Short History

The first scientific student conferences were organised in the academic year 1950/1951 at the Eötvös Loránd University and then at the University of Veszprém. In the following years, more and more schools followed this form of talent management, and in 1955 the first "National Conference of Scientific Student Societies" was organised with 109 presentations. Thanks to this expansion and popularity, the National Scientific Student Council (OTDT) was founded in 1973, chaired since 1987 by Prof. Dr. Péter Szendrő. Since 2003, due to the large number of entries, they have been classified and judged in 16 sections and further subsections.

The aim of the Students' Conference is to encourage, support and evaluate the research and creative activities of students beyond their compulsory school work. The best entries are considered to be creative and are eligible to enter the biennial National Student Research Conference (OTDK).

The submitted studies will be presented to a jury at the institution - the Ybl Miklós Faculty of Architecture - during which the students will receive feedback and evaluation. The conferences are open to the public, so any student or teacher can listen to the presentations and ask questions. The best studies may be rewarded and recommended for participation in the OTDK.

Participation is useful for students because it provides another platform where they can test themselves and their work. being awarded might be an advantage in the evaluation of scholarships and applications abroad, in obtaining access to a master's degree (MA, MSc) or a doctoral program (DLA, possibly a PhD). This is especially true for those who also successfully participate in the national competition.

Students can only apply for TDK and MDK with studies developed beyond of compulsory school assignments. However, this does not mean that the successful solution of a professional or class assignment or a seminar paper evaluated with excellence cannot give the basis or part of a work to be submitted. A successful (prize-awarded) TDK or MDK study might be also intergrated into the final  thesis.


Students participating in the Faculty's Scientific Students' Conference (TDK) carry out research work and deepen their knowledge in the given topic with the help of their supervisors. TDK entries are typically written research papers, MDK studies having an artistic focus and can involve design, visualization, art of any form.