Projekt tervezési terület (en)


Before you start...

1. Do I have a shopping list of recommended equipment? What should I invest in?

Civil engineers: ruler (30';45',) compasses, letter shape, Dipa technical drawing sheet (A3, A4), drawing board (A3), calculator

Architects: parallel ruler (párhuzamvonalzó), roll of detail paper, ruler (30';45',) compasses, clutch pencil (0,5; 0,35;0,75) + lead, HB, 2B, H pencil, retractable blade knife (olfa), cutting mat, coloured pencil, felt tipped pens  (0,3; 0,05; 0,5), drawing board (A3), tesa tape, steel ruler, glue (technokol, superglue, pattex for wood)

2. Which Facebook groups should I join?

  • Faculty FB page:
  • Ultimate ybl study group:
  • Institute of Civil Engineering:
  • Ybl Háló (Mentor network):
  • FB group for international freshman. Every year new, please ask your coordinator about it!
  • 3. Where can I find information and contact of my prospective lecturer?

    On the Faculty's website, you can find the departments and lecturers Ybl Faculty / Staff

    4. There is a typo in my Neptun-data, a document of mine has expired, my address changed, etc. How should these be handled?

    In such a case, you should contact the Registrar's Office
    H-1146 Budapest Thököly út 74. Building A. room 1115

    Office hours are for personal consultation at the Registrar's Office:

    Please mind the office hours. Outside office hours administratives are available by email.

    You might also change your address and some other documents in the My Data settings of the Neptun system.