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BSc Degree in Architecture

In the field of architecture, it is currently possible to apply for both full-time and correspondence training. The former is 3.5 years old and the last 4 years old.

In 2017, a major curriculum transformation took place in our BSc programs, which focuses on studio-based education. Our students work under the supervision of a studio instructor for each, who accompanies them from their first year to graduation. The aim of the program, and so of the subjects is to connect as much as possible, to transfer knowledge in a structured way, and to provide marketable knowledge by introducing contemporary methods, materials and structures and software in accordance with the continuous development of the profession.

BSc Degree in Civil Engineering

Civil engineering education at Ybl started in 1972, when the previous technician training was replaced by general engineering education. A good practical basis for this college level engineer training was provided by the fact that the technical school education was designed to train professionals working in practice. This practical character has been preserved to this
day. In 2001, the previously independent college joined Szent István University, at which time the civil
engineering training was also restructured. Relying on the previous foundations, but developed to
university-level, civil engineering bachelor's program (BSc) was launched.
The term "engineer" in Hungary originally referred to surveyors, as they carried out the measurements and calculations necessary for mapping. Since mapping was closely related to water arrangements, later the concept covered this as well. New topics were constantly added to the tasks of the engineer, such as
road construction, public utility construction, foundation, bridge construction, etc. This led to the fact that the word "engineer" referred to engineers engaged in civil engineering in the modern sense. The instructors of the Institute are recognized professionals working in the profession who carry out
civil engineering not only in theory but also in practice. Currently, the management of Civil Engineering
training takes place at the Institute of Civil Engineering

At the moment we do not offer an English full time BSc degree course in Civil Engineering only in Hungarian, but a range of courses are avaiéable in English for Erasmus Exchange students.

When you are interested to study at Ybl at BSc level in both fields od expertise, see our
English BSc courses offered for Exchange Students !