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YBLayers - school of architecture and beyond

  • First day:

    Wednesday, 5 February 2020
  • Last day:

    Friday, 7 February 2020
  • Location:

    FUGA Architectural Center Budapest
  • City:

  • Address:

    Petőfi Sándor street 5

The YBLayers three-evening event at FUGA

The YBLayers three-evening event at FUGA aims to reveal the diverse "layers" of the architectural school's past, present and future and introduce today’s education profile that emerges from it. The exhibition arsenal flashs examples of the undergraduate and graduate student work, as well as the oeuvres of past and present "Ybl-lecturers" - in the form of installations and their introductions. Event series will be closed by an architectural carnival on which it is mandatory to wear a "architectural mask"!



„Ybl-faces” from the Past

The host and moderator of the evening: Györgyi Csontos
  • 18:00

    Welcome by Anthony John Gall
  • 18:05

    Screening: The heritage of the architect Ybl Miklós, 2014 (director and editor: Györgyi Csontos)
  • 19:00

    A short presentation about the oeuvres of outstanding professors of architecture - commemorative studio-talk about Kornél Beszédes, Gábor Reischl and Jenő Kapy.Moderated by Györgyi Csontos and our guests Rita Beszédes, László Börcsök and Imre Balázs Szily, as well as the audience.

„Ybl-faces” of Today

The host and moderator of the evening: Gyula Kiss
  • 18:00

    Welcome by Gyula Kiss
  • 18:05

    Round-table discussion with professors Tamás Dévényi, Zsolt Zsuffa, Anett Mizsei, Barnabás Kovács Dobák – 3+1 Príma award winning architects
  • 19:00

    Book launch – Anthony John Gall: Kós Károly - Masters of Architecture series, Holnap Kiadó, 2019. The book is presented by József Sisa, professor of Architecture and Art History, followed by the publisher Eszter Milkovich.
  • 19:40

    Architectural Designers / Designing Architects - talk show, moderated by Gyula Kiss. Topic – YBLayers, participants – „Ybl-faces” and designers of NTDK, Hellowood, Industrial Heritage TDK, student studios … and many others.





„Ybl-faces” of the Future

The host and moderator of the evening: Tamás Dévényi
  • 18:00

    Welcome by Anthony John Gall
  • 18:05

    "Ybl Műhely Műterem" - special editionintroduced by Marcel Ferencz
  • 18:20

    Opening of the Exhibition by Balázs Markó, open until 9 February 2020.
  • 18:30

    Architectural Carnival - an „architectural mask” is highly recomended!


Improving social sensitivity of our students is fundamental. We must be aware of the ethical aspects of architecture, as it is not simply a matter of aesthetics anymore. It is a public affair, and its future lies in the students. This is the future we build. - dr. habil. Balázs Markó

Ybl Miklos Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering started its 141st academic year in 2020. Since its opening in 1879 times have changed and so has the institution. The main goal however, remained: providing up-to-date education in the field. To accomplish this and respond challenges of the 21st century, new methodology and curriculum were established in 2017. Architect students are organized into workshops, with experienced leaders and a collective of young and energetic teachers. Besides, teams of students actively participate in shaping the faculty on both mental and physical levels: projects, summer camps, exhibitions are held and they sometimes demolish walls and renovate their workshop areas in the old building of the faculty.

After three years of thinking and working together, students and their teachers organized an exhibition in February 2020 at FUGA Architectural Centre of Budapest. Bachelor and Master students of all grades inhabited two large rooms with their works, while also teachers presented themselves with pieces of artwork and unbuilt concepts and theoretical projects. Past, present and future were connected throughout the three-day event, as research, practice and education appeared parallel. Movies, iconic Professors of the 20th century and up-and-coming young professionals came together to discuss architecture and education. Smaller groups, personal and workshop-like methods, physical and virtual modelling resulted in a colorful yet balanced exhibition, which represents the core values of the school.

This was also represented in a booklet published at the end of 2019. It was an important milestone summarizing projects from the last three years of the school. Professor Dr. habil. Marcel Ferencz pointed out in his introduction, that one of the most important goals as teachers is to find new ways and initiate discussions. Students join these discussions and ultimately find new solutions. Architecture is a constant great rejuvenation of ideas and design.

As dr. habil. Balázs Markó emphasized, the cores of the education are the workshops and the relationships between the teachers and students. This relation is based on trust and confidence as students grow professionally. The joy of creation overcomes all obstacles and difficulties, connecting generations and different cultures.